Daily Checklist

✔Fresh food and water preparation

✔Clean their bowls

✔Brush their coat/teeth


You wouldn’t want their bowls to become the perfect environment for germs to grow, so make sure you rinse up all the leftovers and change their drinking water constantly.

The best way to eliminate offensive breath of your pooch is to brush their teeth after meal, or at least once a day.  Take them for a walk is a must especially for bigger dogs.  Coat brushing not only detangle their hair but may help you spot any abnormalities on their skin.

Weekly/Fortnightly Checklist

✔Bath time!


✔Ear cleaning

It’s better to bathe your pup weekly or fortnightly, so make sure you choose shampoos that have organic formula and dry them properly after bathing – catching a cold is no fun!

Trim their nails to make sure they don’t protrude the pads and touching the ground is also important.

Monthly Checklist



Your pooch needs to look sharp too! If your dog is long-haired, take them to the pet groomers every month for a fresh cut and to avoid matting fur.

Half Yearly/Yearly Checklist

✔Health check


Our four-legged friends have a much shorter lifespan than us, In order to ensure they can walk this journey with us as long as possible it is really important for them to get a general health check and vaccination at least once a year.