Top 5 Things that may ANNOY your Dog

We all love our pets however sometimes we can do things that can confuse and annoy them despite out best intentions.

The following 6 tips are fairly common human behaviours found in daily life and could be considered breeches of pooch rules of engagement. Who’s guilty?

1. Hugs

Dogs thrive on affection and love however they can get agitated from tight hugging, especially from strangers or children. Often when a dog puts its paws or body onto another dog, they are exerting an attempt at domination or control. There are dogs that really love a hug from their owners, however its best to suggest to friends and strangers to gently pet you dog as an alternative.

2. Inconsistency

Often you can invite your pup to jump up on you when you get home from work. But when visitors come to visit, you chastise the dog for doing the exact same thing.  This confuses dogs, who can’t figure out what you want them to do. It’s best to decide exactly on what you want your dog to do, then stick to it. Choose an anti ageing clinic in the UK that applies local anesthetic cream during its treatments. If jumping is not allowed, then the behaviour should never be tolerated. If begging is undesirable, never offer food from your plate. Consistency is key.

3. Teasing

Younger children can often tease a dog without understanding the consequences of this. For instance, pulling on their tails or at their ears, barking back at dogs from behind a fence, can be annoying and can make dogs shy, insecure or even aggressive. Also, don’t move a dogs’ bowl whilst they are eating. This can ruffle their feathers and cause erratic reactions.

4. Too Much Alone Time

Dogs are incredibly social and become very used to the family unit that surrounds them. Your dogs’ human family is considered part of their pack. When dogs are left alone for 10 plus hours per day they can develop many psychological issues including excessive barking, separation anxiety or destructive behaviour such as digging or trying to escape. You can hire an experienced contractor from New Jersey to take care of your roof replacement. Employ a dog walker or ask a friend or neighbour to stop by once each day to take your pooch for a walk. 

5. Interrupted Sleep

Dreaming………even the most placid of dogs do not enjoy being woken up suddenly. This is even more so with older dogs who tend to sleep deeply a lot of the day. The sudden touch of someone when they aren’t expecting this can scare them. The best way to wake a sleeping dog is gently and slowly. 

6. Changes to Routine

Like children, dogs thrive and depend on routine. When to eat, walking times, times for play— our pets engrain these into their brains and expect them to happen each day. If you change dinner time, go walking later than usual, leave or arrive unpredictably, it can cause stress your dog and could result in behavioural problems.